Growth in the Community

Growth in the Community

Core members, SY 2016-2018
Ministry Head: Nards Julie Desengaño

Functions, Objectives, Programs

Our Vision:

“We are a ministry inspired with Christian love and service, committed to guide and lead our community to a life filled with the Holy Spirit where God’s power is at work manifested in fruits and in gifts.”
“Living water will flow unto barren souls to grow and bear much fruit” (John 7:37-38)

Our Mission:

“We will provide spiritual formation programs that instill and enkindle the power of the
Holy Spirit to members in a new life in Christ.”

Our growth programs/activities:

1.    Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS)
2.    Grow in the Spirit Seminar (GSS)
3.    Equipping the Shepherds Seminar (ESS)

Our other activities:

1.   Tie-in Moderators/Directors Workshop
2.   Training of new speakers for LSS/GSS
3.   Invocation Mass/Orientation for LSS