Family Life

Family Life

Core members, SY 2016-2018
Ministry Head: Robert Sheila Gorres
Core members:

Functions, Objectives, Programs

FLM’s role in the Pag-ibig sa Diyos Catholic Community is three-fold:

  1. Worship:  To  foster  family  relationship  with God through family devotion to prayers, Scriptures and the Sacraments
  2. Fellowship:  To experience and live a true Christian family relationship by understanding and practicing the lessons learned in the Family Encounter Weekend Seminar and other programs for the family
  3. Discipleship/Ministry/Evangelism:   To enable families to embrace the PDCC Vision and Mission for Catholic families through recruiting, sponsoring, serving other families and supporting PDCC Programs.

FLM’s Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To design/upgrade programs for the development of family life.
  2. To design/upgrade programs particularly for the formation of the youth leaders to organize, plan, administer and supervise the activities of the youth in their respective prayer groups.
  3. To equip Family Life Service Group Heads, leaders, presenters, and facilitators through necessary training, provision of relevant materials, and publications.
  4. To oversee/coordinate implementation of plans, programs and activities related to Family Life and Youth at various prayer groups.
  5. To oversee and coordinate Family Life and Youth-related Community-wide activities.
  6. To perform other functions  related  and important to family life that may arise and needed to be done.

Programs offered by FLM:

  1. Family Encounter Weekend, Family Camping
  2. Singles Encounter Weekend, LSS, GSS, Retreat/Recollection
  3. Youth-MYX (Me, You, and Christ), God is Good (GIG/Youth LSS), GSS, Leadership Formation, Youth Leadership Camping, Youth Leadership Retreat/Recollection, Kids’ Care-during-assemblies
  4. Outreach/Mission Work