Diwanihan Kristiyano

Diwanihan Kristiyano

Accreditation Date: Feb. 21, 1986
Charism: HEALING
Prayer Meeting Schedule/ Time: Tuesdays, 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Lower Chapel, Christ the King Parish, Greenmeadows Ave., Quezon City

Present Prayer Group Coordinator: Regie and Joanna Polancos
Core Members:
Advising Elders: Henry and Joyce Tanedo
Deputy PGC: Alex and Nela Dulos
Secretary: Boy and Shelly Jacalan
Treasurer: Henry and Susan Tsai
Music Service Group: Francis and Alice Montinola
PT1: Butch and Beth Ang
PT2: Ricky and Elena Lee
PT3: Rey and Omak de Guzman
PT4: Mon and Loung Cuartero

Feb. 21, 1986, the EDSA revolution broke out, a new prayer group was born. Its unique name came about after its first core members realized that the call to Christian life must be wholistic- a true Christian’s primary concern must the spiritual aspect. However, there is also a need to address the socio-economic, political and cultural concerns of fellow Christians. In other words- knowing, caring, sharing and doing all these the Pinoy way.

Diwanihan Kristiyano was therefore coined from the words:

DIWA- Pinoy spirit, soul or idea
BAYANIHAN- Pinoy way of sharing and helping one another in a community
KRISTIYANO- Christian in Pinoy

Initial prayer meetings were held at the residence of Joaquin and Cora Misa at Valle Verde IV, Pasig City. This later moved to Out Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel (OLMBS) at Valle Verde V, Pasig City. In year 2005, renovation work at the OLMBS Chapel started, thus the move to its present site, the Lower Chapel of Christ the King, Greenmeadows Ave., Quezon City.

Diwanihan Kristiyano is considered by Christ the King Parish Greenmeadows as one of its active member organizations. The DKPG Music Service Group and a number of DKPG members actively serve in CTK’s mainstream parish masses as EMHC, Lectors and Commentators, and in other parish activities. Dkpg is also part of the CTK’s Parish Pastoral Council.

Diwanihan Kristiyano has 14 households.