(PDCC logo here)

The Pag-ibig sa Diyos Catholic Community (PDCC) logo consists of the interconnected illustrations of a dove, a heart and 2 concentric rings with a lighted lamp on each ring and a cross where the two rings overlap. All these elements are contained in one big circle under which the community’s name PAG-IBIG SA DIYOS CATHOLIC COMUNITY is set in condensed Helvetica bold typeface.

All the parts are reversed (white) in a rectangular field of red color. For proportions, the vertical grid can be divided into seven equal parts and the horizontal grid into ten equal parts.

Wally/ Nena Garcia, one of the founding members of PDCC, created the PDCC logo.

  • DOVE – Represents the Holy Spirit, the source of power and strength
  • HEART – Stands for love that is pure and true. The outline of the heart and the two circles denote infinity. At the same time, they symbolize an umbillicus that transmits the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • CANDLES – The two candles on the lamps represent the renewed people.
  • RINGS  -The two rings encircling the lamps represent the binding elements, e.g. the wedding rings.
  • CROSS – Symbolizes that the couple who have been canonically married are Christ centered.
  • BIG CIRCLE – Means that PDCC is a community that is united and living in love, peace and harmony.