Reflection: Easter Tuesday

While the two other women and John and Peter already left, Mary Magdalene lingered outside the tomb weeping, expecting to receive any hint as to where the body of the Lord could have gone. In her conversation with the two angels and with the “gardener”, we can feel her love for the Lord. But we […]

Reflection: Easter Sunday

“He is not here; he is risen.” While John names only Mary Magdalene going to the tomb early at dawn, and Mathew names another Mary with her, Mark would name Salome, and Luke would name Joanna as a third witness at the tomb. While all the other evangelists would narrate post resurrection apparitions, Mark would […]

Reflection: Holy Thursday

Tradere= to hand over. Today we celebrate the Last Supper wherein Jesus gives himself to us in form of bread and wine as our food and sacrifice. As a prelude to the event, the three Synoptics narrate to us how Judas went to the chief priests and offered his services to hand Jesus over to […]

5 Steps in Visiting Pilgrim Churches in the Philippines

A lot of you are eager and excited to visit the various Jubilee Church in your Diocese, but you’re probably wondering how and where to start. So here are 5 basic steps to follow when visiting a Jubilee Church: Visit a Jubilee Church with Holy Door in your Diocese/ Archdiocese, either individually or in groups […]

Reflection: Good Friday

We have just heard the story of how Christ suffered and died to save us from sin, Satan and death. We know the whip, the crowning of thorns, the heavy cross, the nails, the spear, the hours of painful agony on the cross, then death and burial. We also know the jeer and the sneer, […]

Reflection: Palm Sunday

On this day the Church celebrates Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem to accomplish his paschal mystery. There he would be arrested, imprisoned, falsely accused, condemned, scourged, crowned with thorns, burdened with the cross, pushed around, nailed to the cross, would die and be buried. It was also there that he would triumph by his resurrection. Jerusalem […]

Reflection: 5th Sun of Lent (C)

5th Sun of Lent (C) Jn 8:1-11 On this 5th Sunday of Lent, we are presented with a merciful God; even when we are caught red handed in sin, he still calls us to repentance and conversion. Jesus has just spent the whole night in prayer, in communion with the Father and at the beginning […]

Chronicle Issue No. 207 Now Out

Pag-ibig sa Diyos Chronicle Issue No 207 – March 2016 In this Issue: MEW: Building Couple Power Prayer Group Heads (2016-2018) Comunity Calendar: March & April Back to the Basics (Part 2) PE Message: Entering the Holy Door of Mercy IEC 2016: A Call to Mission Why is St. Joseph Sleeping? Parents as Stewards of […]

List of Pilgrim Churches in the Philippines

List of Pilgrim Churches with Holy Doors  ARCHDIOCESE OF MANILA Manila Cathedral Shrine of Sacred Heart Makati Shrine of Divine Mercy, Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong Our lady of Sorrows, Pasay Santuario de Sto. Cristo DIOCESE OF CUBAO Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Cubao Divine Mercy Parish, Sikatuna Santiario de San Pedro Bautista, SFDM Holy Family sa Rozas District […]

Reflection: 4th Sunday of Lent (C)

4th Sunday of Lent (C) Lk 15:1-3, 11—32 Today we are presented with the magnitude of God’s unconditional love. What we shall do is simply follow the narrative as given by St. Luke and take out the lessons that Mother Church wants us to take home this 4th Sunday of Lent (C). The younger son […]